Dr. Harsha Gramminger

About me

My name is Dr. Harsha Gramminger, I am a medical doctor, Ayurveda specialist, book author and speaker. For over a quarter of a century I have been helping people and organizations to become healthy, to regain their center and to be active full of vitality.

In my life I have always done what seemed necessary, full of strength and openness to the unknown (see below). I have learned to assess myself and thus to recognize and support others better. I have learned how leadership without fear frees people and the whole team, makes them creative and efficient. I have experienced how acting from one’s own center leads to more desire, passion and vitality – in my private life as well as in my job!

As a medical doctor, I start with the body. Because our body is always in the here and now, while our thoughts and feelings usually refer to the past or future. Be it bad or good memories, be it fears or joyful expectations. But if we nourish the body in a way that is good for it, then we also bring our mind to stay in the moment, to perceive awake and to unfold its full potential.

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My way

My youth was characterized by competitive sports. In the group disciplines of roller figure skating and figure skating, I made it to the German championship with my team. Here, good foundations were laid, both in competing and in working together.

I first studied industrial engineering, a combination of mechanical engineering and business administration. As a woman, that was certainly not an easy study environment at the time. But I simply wanted to know how things worked. After graduation, my hunger for knowledge drove me to also study economics. Because how we could function better as people, organizations and the global community was something I already had an inkling of, but just couldn’t put it into practice yet.

When the opportunity to study human medicine came up, I knew I was finally on the right track. My research instinct was to find out why diseases develop, why people don’t really get better, why medicine so often only looks at the shortcomings without really making sense for people. Even with my doctorate in my pocket, I kept searching for convincing answers to my questions. I found them (from a medical point of view) in Ayurveda – a 5,000 year old system of medicine.

After specializing as an Ayurvedic doctor, I began pioneering work to bring Ayurvedic treatments and products first to Italy and then to Germany. Because there were no structures in this country, as a doctor I also became an entrepreneur. I imported Ayurveda products from India; later only the raw materials and had the products manufactured in Europe according to local quality standards. Meanwhile, I built up an Ayurveda clinic in the Eifel region and trained doctors and therapists in the ancient Indian art of healing.

And because new ideas always need more education, I also became a political ambassador for Ayurveda at the European Union. Together with other doctors and therapists I founded the European Ayurveda Association (EUAA) and advised both the EU Parliament and the Indian government on cooperation.