Dr. Harsha Gramminger stellt Ihr Führungskräfteprogramm VITAL LEADERSHIP vor
Dr. Harsha Gramminger stellt Ihr Führungskräfteprogramm VITAL LEADERSHIP vor


Healthy and vital leaders with the Triple-L concept

Are you a

How about approaching your work every day with enthusiasm and passion? Tapping into your full life force to be creative and productive?

With the Triple-L concept, you can achieve just that. It helps you understand which leadership type you are and what you need to do to become (or remain) healthy and vital.

With a better understanding of your mental, emotional, and physical traits, you will also find the best working conditions for yourself.

Which leadership type are you?

Do you have these
(wrong) assumptions about life too?

I separate myself to avoid losing energy.

Dr. Harsha Gramminger says:

Open up and let go of all limitations! You will be full of energy.

When stressed, I must manage my energy!

Dr. Harsha Gramminger says:

Now is the time to give 100% effort! Exhaust yourself completely and feel that you carry the stillness within you.

Positive thinking leads to happiness because everything begins in the mind.

Dr. Harsha Gramminger says:

Let your body take the lead, and you’ll see your mind function better.

VITAL LEADERSHIP for you company

Vorträge von Dr. Harsha Gramminger


Bring joy, passion, and vitality to your company! In a VITAL LEADERSHIP lecture, Dr. Harsha Gramminger shows your executives how to live and work healthier and more vital.

When you recognize, acknowledge, and live your own needs, you will also be better able to recognize and support your employees.

The result: Genuine collaboration frees up more creativity and leads to healthy and successful companies!

Bootcamps für Führungskräfte


In a VITAL LEADERSHIP boot camp, Dr. Harsha Gramminger helps your leadership team dissolve existing blockages and clear their minds.

Over one and a half days, we work extensively with the body and experience dynamic processes. Beliefs are dissolved, creating space for creativity. After a boot camp, participants feel reborn, full of energy and vitality, ready to lead their teams to new goals.

Webinare für Führungskräfte


In VITAL LEADERSHIP webinars, executives learn in small groups and one-on-one from Dr. Harsha Gramminger to dissolve mental blockades, clear beliefs, and recognize and live their true potential.

The goal of the webinars is to enable executives to support their employees according to their individual needs and thus form better teams.

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