Leadership type: The Creative

As a leader, you inspire us with your visions and creativity. Your focus is on innovation. Outdated structures won’t be found in your company. You can’t understand why your employees aren’t visionaries themselves. You wonder why routine hinders innovation in some departments. That’s what sets you apart. You are the visionary and idea generator; it’s your gift. Show understanding for your colleagues, as they will support you in implementing your ideas.

The Creative leadership type in the company

To others, you appear as a creative person who is enthusiastic, light-hearted, optimistic, and full of ideas. What a joy it is to have you as a boss. You promote innovative projects because you embrace change. You sense the pulse of time within you and are even ahead of your time. As a creative type, you have quick comprehension and an openness to new things. Additionally, you are active and enjoy movement.

Your employees appreciate your lightness, but not necessarily the speed at which you push for change. Surround yourself with a Maintainer as a calming influence, as they can guide you in setting the pace for the transformations. The ideas will always be yours. If you have growth in mind, don’t forget to allocate enough time for it to happen.

Your spontaneity sometimes leads creative types to impulsive spending. Therefore, listen to your finance chief and department heads, as sometimes there needs to be sufficient capital for a brilliant idea. Don’t forget to coordinate with your team.

The most important advice for creatives is to strive for balance. If you succeed, you will remain a joyful and respected individual in your professional and personal life. Another tip: Because you have a strong connection to spirituality, meditation comes easily to you. However, you must make time for it.

Physical characteristics of the Creative type

Creative types are often either very small or very tall. Their physique tends to be slender and sinewy, similar to marathon runners or models. They have fine, frizzy hair. Their eyes are lively and curious, enjoying looking around. In the summer, their tan may turn deep brown, so it’s advisable for them to use sun protection since they are sun worshippers. They may occasionally forget to eat because they don’t want to interrupt their creative flow. While this can be done occasionally, it’s important not to make it a daily habit.

Problem areas of the Creative type

You can easily become restless and forget to eat, which can harm your often fluctuating digestion. Due to your active mind and the multitude of ideas running through your mental system, you may be prone to nervousness and sleep disturbances. If you don’t break this cycle, it can even lead to panic attacks. You’re probably familiar with occasional shoulder discomfort, lower back pain, or knee issues. These are also signs of unhealthy stress. Take immediate action to alleviate these symptoms, and you can avoid arthritis.

Health tips for the Creative

Since it is not easy for you to maintain your weight, fasting is not recommended. Heavy physical exertion and working in air-conditioned rooms are not suitable for you. You prefer warm environments and do not want to be exposed to a draft, as it can give you a direct chill. Even when your back is tight, it is advisable not to visit the chiropractor too often; in the long run, yoga is much more beneficial.

You love music and dance. Listening to classical music helps you relax, and you enjoy warm and gentle oil massages that allow you to forget yourself and the world. Creating a cozy atmosphere with soft fabrics like silk, silk-wool blends, and cotton against your skin contributes to inner balance. The spaces where you work should radiate warmth and coziness. Having a sofa in your office is a must. A short nap during the day, known as a power nap, revitalizes you. Good and regular eating and drinking habits promote balance for you.

The best diet for the Creative type

For Creative types, there is one important rule regarding nutrition: Eat warm meals at regular times. Following this simple measure will bring you back to your center time and time again.

Sweet fruits like banana, coconut, apple, fresh fig, grapefruit, grapes, mango, melon, orange, papaya, peach, pineapple, plum, berries, cherries, apricot, avocado.

All fruits can also be consumed in small amounts as dried fruit.

Cooked: Asparagus, beetroot, carrot, sweet potato, radish, zucchini, spinach (in small quantities), sprouts (in small quantities), tomatoes (in small quantities), celery, garlic, onion (only steamed).

Oats (cooked), brown rice, wheat.

Eggs (omelet/scrambled eggs), fish, chicken, and other white meats.

No beans except for mung beans and black lentils.

Jaggery (dried sugarcane juice), brown sugar.

All spices, pepper, and chili in small quantities.

Ghee (clarified butter), fresh milk, cream, paneer (Indian cottage cheese), plant-based milk, coconut oil, and tofu as vegan alternatives.


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